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Digital Agent Newsletter- April, 2013- Volume 12
APR 2013 - VOL. 12
Nexus 7 Drawing!


April's Nexus 7 drawing.


Winner will be announced on or before April 30, 2013 at http://social.digitalagent.net/nexus7.html

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Digium - the Asterisk Company.


Digital Agent would like to introduce you to Digium - the Asterisk Company. The Switchvox phone system is based on Asterisk, the world's most popular open source communications platform.  Switchvox offers a simple, Unified Communications solution that provides enhanced features and cost savings. Plus, it's completely interoperable with your existing SIP phones - another significant savings opportunity.

If you're considering a VoIP system for your office and looking for ways to save money, you need to consider Switchvox. We answer the tough questions.

  • How do you evaluate the true cost of a phone system?
  • Can you avoid being locked into a single vendor's equipment?
  • Are you getting the features your office need without having to pay for expensive add-ons?
Learn more about Switchvox from Digital Agent 

Malware, Virus, Phishing ... Oh my!


The threat of computer related cybercrime and fraud is more prevalent today than ever before. The days of deleting obviously fraudulent Nigerian Gold offers are long gone. Today's fraudsters are highly sophisticated and able to mask their true intentions behind emails and websites that look and feel totally legitimate. Many levels of protection are now required for business to defend themselves against computer threats. Introducing OpenDNS Umbrella through Digital Agent. Stop criminals at the source by filtering internet content at the domain level.

OpenDNS works by looking at every web address your browser attempts to access and compares it to a dynamic list of known trouble spots. Umbrella created and operates PhishTank, the largest clearinghouse of phishing information on the Internet. PhishTank data is automatically integrated into your Umbrella service, providing your users with protection against fraudulent websites that attempt to steal your personal information and money.

Let Digital Agent asses your network today!

Cordless SIP!

Finally!  There's a non-proprietary cordless SIP phone that works with your VoIP system.  With Panasonic's KX series cordless phones, you can move about freely without worrying about rushing back to your desk phone.  You can answer, conference and transfer calls while moving around the office or shop to check inventory or dig up documents.  It's a time-saver, and it works brilliantly with both of the Digital Agent VoIP solutions. 


Lucky Switchvox owners/prospects....


We love Switchvox phone systems. We sell Switchvox. We support Switchvox. We even provide SIP trunks for them!

In fact, if you own a Switchvox, even one purchased from a vendor other than Digital Agent, we will give you up to 10 SIP trunks (United States only) absolutely FREE for 90 days. No term, no obligation. If you purchase an annual Switchvox support contract or a new Switchvox Appliance from Digital Agent during that period we will extend your free SIP Trunks for an additional 90 days. Six months of free SIP Trunks!

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