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Troup County Georgia Board of Education
The Troup County Georgia Board of Education approved approximately $2 million in special-purpose, local-option sales tax - SPLOST - projects that will revamp schools’ technology and communication network. The upgrade include over $230,000.00 in funds to contract with Digital Agent, LLC of Atlanta to install a voice-over-internet-protocol, Switchvox, phone system at all 26 school system sites which will save the school system significant money over the next few years.

5 Things You Need to Do to Take Your
Business Paperless

used with permission from Microsoft
by Cindy Bates

Have you ever noticed an airline pilot lugging a black briefcase on their way to the next flight?  Those briefcases aren't filled with personal effects, but are 40-pound flight kits containing charts, maps, manuals and guides. Delta Airlines recently made a move to replace those bulky flight kits for its 11,000 pilots by giving them each an electronic flight bag in the form of a Microsoft Surface 2 tablet. The cockpit will now be a paperless workspace for Delta pilots, with all Delta cockpits projected to be paperless by the end of 2014.

The concept of the paperless workspace - whether it's a cockpit, a cubicle, a reception area or remote jobsite - is exciting for numerous reasons: reduced clutter, improved data security, cost savings and environmental benefits, to name a few. Here are 5 steps you need to take to begin creating your version of the paperless cockpit:

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Are you protecting your customer data?
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

Once upon a time, the only person worrying about securing customer data might have been the grizzled IT veteran in the company’s basement cubicle. Customers seldom thought twice about how their data was protected, and many businesses didn’t either. Security was simply not high priority, and for most people, not a problem [1, 2].

Once upon a time, that might have been true. But not anymore.

Recent headlines have disclosed major data breaches affecting millions of consumers worldwide. It’s become clear that protecting customer data can no longer be just another item on the agenda to be taken care of “later.” The consequences of losing customer information are severe. A recent survey by Harris Interactive reveals that 89 percent of consumers avoid doing business with companies they believe do not protect their privacy [3]. And customer concern is growing: A full 74 percent of internet users are more worried about their online privacy than they were a year ago [3]. Loss of customer data can mean loss of consumer confidence, fines and lawsuits and the expense of restoring your compromised systems.

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Don't Forget Your Every Day Password Security

It seems like website hacks and data breaches are constantly in the news these days. While the growing size of these breaches increases the probability that each of us could be affected, we often forget that we haven't taken simple, every day precautions. They are the easiest to be lax about - so make an effort to run through this list of tips and see what you can brush up on.

1. Change the default usernames and passwords that come with your hardware, devices, and software.
For example, access points and routers, which are central to wireless networks, can be easily hacked because a quick online search will reveal their default settings.

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Tech trends business can't ignore
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

For small businesses across the country, it’s easy to maintain the status quo. After all, change, particularly when related to technology, can be costly to incorporate and uncomfortable to implement. Yet, if small businesses are to compete and grow in an ever-evolving marketplace, leaders must keep their eyes and minds open to technology’s possibilities.

But is your business embracing technology’s promise or accepting the status quo?

According to the National Small Business Association’s (NSBA) 2013 Small Business Technology Survey, one in four small business owners do not use a smartphone, social media or collect customer information, while more than 70 percent avoid selling their products or services online [1].

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Filtering charts in Excel
used with permission from Microsoft Office Blogs
by Jeffrey Johnson

Have you ever had a dataset but only needed to chart certain parts of it? Here are 4 methods for filtering your chart so you don’t have to edit or remove your data to get the perfect chart: hide data on the grid, table filtering, filtering using table slicers, and filtering directly from the chart.

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Troup County Georgia Board of Education

5 Things You Need to Do to Take Your Business Paperless

Are you protecting your customer data?

Don't Forget Your Every Day Password Security

Tech trends business can't ignore

Filtering Charts in Excel

The secret to getting more juice out of your notebook battery

Business Continuity Tip

The secret to getting more juice out of your notebook battery
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

With the rise of the notebook PC, we’ve been able to stay productive, creative and entertained almost anywhere. We’re no longer tethered to our desks or a certain location -- that is, until it’s time to recharge.

How we use a notebook and all its features controls how long the battery runs without recharging. Here are a few tips to follow that can help improve overall battery performance  -- and keep us on the go.

Charge-cycle care

One of the more commonly-known strategies revolves around how often you connect and disconnect the charger. This method also largely depends on the type of battery and notebook model you’re using. Many older notebooks feature nickel-metal batteries, while modern notebooks are built with lithium-ion batteries. For the nickel-metal variety, it can help to completely drain your battery until it shuts down, and then fully recharge it. Doing so for lithium-ion batteries, though, has been known to have a negative effect on battery efficiency.

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Business Continuity Tip

Turn Your Smartphone into a Preparedness Tool

This spring's devastating tornadoes and floods send the reminder that severe weather can have real and unpredictable consequences that leave you, your family, and your business at serious risk.

To help you prepare for severe weather and emergencies of any kind, check out these free preparedness mobile apps from the Red Cross. The apps have everything you need to know to plan, prepare and respond, and an audible siren that goes off when NOAA issues any kind of severe warning.

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