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Nexus 7 Drawing!

September's Nexus 7 drawing.

Winner will be announced on or before September 30, 2014 HERE.

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It pays to subscribe to the Digital Agent Newsletter. You don't have to be a Digital Agent customer to win.
Frank Meyer,
Windstar Energy Group

- on winning last month's ElitePad. Good luck with your new gadget!

Dell AppAssure. Come and Get IT!

Save $625.00. This month only!

Digital Agent is making 2 AppAssure software cores available on a first come first serve basis for 50% off the $1250.00 retail price when purchased with 12 month cloud backup agreement. Each core comes with a local backup and a cloud backup core: undoubtedly the most robust backup solution available. Enjoy the flexibility of zero downtime in the event of hardware failure along with very quick turnaround times for standard recovery operations.

Configuring and customizing more form items in Microsoft Word 2013

If you've dived into adding Microsoft's form items (using the Developer Tab) to your documents, you might want to go the extra step to customize your form items. This tech tip explains the Properties of commonly used form items: textfields, checkboxes, drop-down lists, and date pickers.

Accessing a form item's properties

When accessing and editing a form item's properties, it is helpful to already be in Design Mode. This view mode more clearly highlights the items as you're working on them. To turn on Design Mode, go to the Developer Tab and then click the Design Mode icon under the Controls Group.

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Employee Fraud: What You Can Do About It
used with permission from SBA.gov
by Barbara Weltman

Employees are one of your biggest assets, even though they don't appear on your balance sheet. They help you operate your business and are the faces of your company brand. But employees can also be a big liability if they steal from you. What can you do to protect yourself?

Acknowledge the problem

Recent statistics found that companies lose 5% of their revenues each year to employee fraud. Companies with fewer than 100 employees had 28% higher fraud losses than larger companies.

Fraud can take many forms, including outright theft of property (from paper clips to expensive inventory items), subtle theft by wasting time (focus on personal matters, sports events or other distractions), to embezzlement of company funds.

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How to avoid making this major mistake during presentations
by Joe Serio, www.joeserio.com

Don't make the near-fatal mistake most people giving a presentation make! No, it's not fatal for you, but it's fatal to the success of your talk.

You've done all your planning, researching, writing, and rehearsing. You've communicated with the teacher, program organizer, your boss, or whoever is coordinating the event at which you're speaking.

The big day has arrived; you feel good and have gone through your pre-talk psych up. You're good to go. The host has just introduced you.

And now you stand up to start your compelling presentation with passion and energy.

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Russian Hackers Collect 1.2 Billion Passwords In A Mega Breach
used with permission from Norton by Symantec
by Solange Desc

The New York Times has reported the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials by a Russian crime ring. These hackers reportedly amassed 1.2 billion username and password combinations, and more than 500 million email addresses from 420,000 websites through botnets (computers that have been infected with and controlled by a computer virus). The sites ranged from small sites to larger household names. Many of the targeted sites are still vulnerable.

2014: The Year Of The Mega, MEGA Breach?

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September Newsletter
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Dell AppAssure. Come and Get IT!

Configuring and customizing more form items in Microsoft Word 2013

Employee Fraud: What You Can Do About It

How to avoid making this major mistake during presentations

Russian Hackers Collect 1.2 Billion Passwords In A Mega Breach

Vacation Right - 4 Tips for Unplugging When You Leave the Office

Business Continuity Tip

Vacation Right - 4 Tips for Unplugging When You Leave the Office
used with permission from MSFT for Work

The rise in mobile tech has made it possible to work remotely -- but it's also made it harder to truly disconnect during that much-needed vacations. Just in time for that summer trip, here are some tips for unplugging the right way -- before, during, and after your next vacation.

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Business Continuity Tip

Don't Let Your Guard Down

With record cool temperatures for parts of the US recently, in addition to a relatively quiet start to hurricane season, it's easy to forget the real dangers and threats associated these storms.

The truth is, now is the best time to prepare for the season ahead. (Remember, "peak hurricane season" runs from mid-August to late October.) Learn the 3.5 reasons to not let your guard down this hurricane season and download the free infographic.

Don't live in a hurricane prone state? Click here to learn why you should care about hurricane season no matter where you live.

Quote of the Month

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

- Robin Williams

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