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2015 Digital Agent to offer: Infrastructure
as a Service

What is IaaS?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is one of the fundamental service models of cloud computing. As with all cloud computing services it provides access to computing resources in a virtualized environment, "the Cloud", typically across a public internet connection. With IaaS, the computing resource provided is specifically that of virtualized hardware, in other words, computing infrastructure. The definition includes such offerings as virtual server space, network connections, bandwidth, and IP addresses. Physically, the pool of hardware resource is pulled from a multitude of servers and networks, all of which the cloud provider is responsible for maintaining. The client, on the other hand, is given access to the virtualized components in order to build their own IT platforms.

In common with the other forms of cloud hosting, IaaS can be utilized by enterprise customers to create cost effective and easily scalable IT solutions where the complexities and expenses of managing the underlying hardware are outsourced to the cloud provider. If the scale of a business customerís operations fluctuate, or they are looking to expand, they can tap into the cloud resource as and when they need it rather than purchase, install and integrate hardware themselves.
The following are salient examples of how IaaS can be utilized by enterprise:

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Are you prepared for disaster?
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

It's a scene every business hopes to never see: the office walls sagging and blackened by soot, the ceiling collapsed, the floor covered in dark, stagnant water. And the network, servers, and data essential to running your business? Reduced to scrap metal in the blink of an eye.

The numbers are stark. To survive disaster and ensure a quick and affordable restoration, businesses need to have an IT recovery plan in place.

Windows Server 2003 End-Of-Life Support Approaching Rapidly: Do You Have a Plan?
used with permission from HTS

It's hard to believe Windows Server 2003 was originally released almost 10 years ago and is now quickly approaching its end-of-life. Microsoft has announced the official date for end-of-life support as July 14, 2015. While many businesses are well aware of this fact and have started planning, there are still a large number that haven't given it much thought yet.

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Tech blast from the past
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

Do you remember what gifts you were giving -- or more importantly, hoping to get -- a few years back? Tech devices have long been a holiday favorite, but technology changes fast. The top spots on our own wish lists rarely stay the same day-to-day, let alone year-to-year. So we thought it would be fun to revisit some of the coolest tech gifts of the last 15 years to see what it was we loved about them -- and if we still would put them on our wish list today.

: BlackBerry
The first version of this business staple was actually a two-way email pager, not the more familiar phone. But the popularity of later models was enough to cause Webster's New World College Dictionary to name "crackberry" its New Word of the Year by 2006 [1].

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January Newsletter
In this issue:

2015 Digital Agent to offer: Infrastructure as a Service

Are You Prepared for Disaster?

Windows Server 2003 End-Of-Life Support Approaching Rapidly: Do You Have a Plan?

Tech Blast from the Past

Business Continuity Tip

Business Continuity Tip

How to Use Social Media in Disasters

If disaster struck this weekend, would you know how use social media channels to communicate important information such as office closures or employee updates?

During a disaster, your employees and customers are looking to you for real-time information. Social Media can be a great tool, but requires a good social strategy to use it effectively including:
  • Preparing social media outlets before a disaster.
  • When and how to respond during a crisis.
  • Steps to take after a crisis is over.
Download Agility's Social Media Checklist for simple steps to develop a rock-solid Social Media communication plan.

Quote of the Month

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.

- Nelson Mandela

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