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W Sawyer Shirley
National Facility Consultants, Inc. 

- on winning last month's Nexus 7. Good luck with your new gadget!

A Preview of Windows 10

Windows 10 is the next generation of Microsoft’s device OS that adapts to the devices you’re on and what you’re trying to get done, with a consistent, familiar, and compatible experience that enables you to be more productive.

Future Features

Here is a quick introduction to the first highlighted key features of Windows 10 that are included in the released Technical Preview. This is a sneak peak, and not an exhaustive list of final product features. But what might we be looking forward to?

Five actions of a risk aware organization
used with permission from IBM ForwardView

The business opportunities in cloud and mobile are increasing our connectivity -- boosting the number of devices on our network and increasing access to data. Yet, on any given day, the front page headlines scream about the latest data security breach; thieves stealing valuable business assets, including confidential intellectual property as well as personal information about customers and employees.

"It might seem like a catch-22," says Kris Lovejoy, IBM General Manager of Security Services.

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Revealed: hidden costs
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

In today's era of notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, mobility is a high priority -- making small businesses more dynamic and responsive in an on-the-go world.

That reality, however, should not detract from the important role desktop PCs still play in today's business environment, delivering more power, more robust upgrade options, and more functionality compared to their portable counterparts.

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How to detect malware symptoms
used with permission from Microsoft Safety & Security Center

If your computer starts to behave strangely, you might be experiencing spyware symptoms or have other unwanted software installed on your computer. Here are a few tips on how to detect malicious software:
  • I see pop-up advertisements all the time. Some unwanted software will bombard you with pop-up ads that aren't related to a particular website you're visiting. These ads are often for adult or other websites you may find objectionable. If you see pop-up ads as soon as you turn on your computer or when you're not even browsing the web, you might have spyware or other unwanted software on your computer.

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What Home-Office Deductions Can Your Small Business Claim and How?
used with permission from
by Caron Beesley

More than half of all U.S. businesses are based out of an owner's home, and with this year's tax season deadlines fast approaching, you may be wondering if your business qualifies for the deduction.

To help business owners understand more about this important deduction, SBA sat down with IRS tax expert, Phyllis Grimes, about what is and what isn't deductible. This interview is part of a series of short online videos hosted on SBA's Small Business Learning Center, which offer tips and facts about all aspects of business financing.

Here's what you need to know.

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February Newsletter
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A Preview of Windows 10

Five actions of a risk aware organization

Revealed: hidden costs

How to detect malware symptoms

What Home-Office Deductions Can Your Small Business Claim and How?

How to emove duplicates in Excel 2013

How to remove duplicates in Excel 2013

Very commonly you may be dealing with a spreadsheet of data, with many duplicates that you want to remove quickly. This happens often if you are dealing with mailing lists with repeated information (names, email addresses, zipcodes, etc.), an export of data from a system, or a report.

Instead of manually deleting duplicated data to trim down your spreadsheet, use the Remove Duplicates feature!

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

- Dr. Seuss

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