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Making the move to Windows 10
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

When Microsoft ended support of Windows XP in April 2014, many businesses understandably dreaded the process of moving from one operating system to another. Just how reluctant were businesses to switch? Despite no longer receiving support, Windows XP is still used by 16.9% of PC users—making it currently more popular than Windows 8 and 8.1 combined.1 That doesn't mean everyone is hanging on to Windows XP, though. Windows 7 currently holds the top spot with a 58% share among PC users.[1]

The good news is that Microsoft took businesses' concerns into consideration while it was developing its new Windows 10 OS—ensuring that businesses could make the transition as smoothly and as simply as possible. But while ease of upgrades is important, are the benefits of Windows 10 truly worth it for your business? Let's take a look.

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13 Must-Take Steps to Combat Physical and Digital Theft While Traveling
used with permission from Microsoft for Work
by Rieva Lesonsky

Whether you're traveling for business or leisure this summer, chances are that as a small business owner, you'll be working on your trip. But with unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots and the potential for physical theft, among other risks, there are several steps you need to take to ensure security issues don't interrupt your productivity.

Use these tips to keep your devices and data safe on the road.

Before you go

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Business travelers: Check it out before you check in
used with permission from FTC Business Center Blog
by Lesley Fair

Here's a tip for business travelers. Just because a webpage looks like the official site of your favorite hotel chain doesn't necessarily mean it is. Before you reserve a room for your next out-of-town meeting or family vacation, make sure you know who's at the other end of that BOOK NOW button.

The internet offers savvy travelers lots of options for getting the best deal on hotels. You can contact a property directly, book through a hotel chain's website or toll-free number, visit one of those travel comparison sites, or use a third-party online hotel reservation service. The choice is yours but make sure it's an informed choice. Some third-party sites clearly disclose that they're not affiliated with the hotel. Others appear to mimic the look of a chain's official site, making it tougher for consumers to know who they're doing business with.

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How serious is the end of support for Windows Server 2003?

After so many warnings about the end of support Windows Server 2003 (and last year, end of support for Windows XP), it might be easy to think that IT professionals are alarmists. How can end of support for Server 2003 be that serious? Unfortunately, it is as dramatic as it sounds. It is, literally, the end of support for this Microsoft product: if something goes wrong, there is no help.

Now that support for Server 2003 is over, as of July 14, 2015, these are the three major issues businesses and organizations face if they continue to use Server 2003. 
  1. Security vulnerabilities.

    Businesses that fail to migrate to a new version of Windows Server are opening the door to cybercriminals and welcoming hackers. Businesses running Server 2003 are sitting ducks without protection from future attacks, and cybercriminals know it. Microsoft will no longer provide security patches or critical fixes. There is no doubt hackers are already at work preparing attacks.

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Making the move to Windows 10
13 Must-Take Steps to Combat Physical and Digital Theft While Traveling
Business travelers: Check it out before you check in
How serious is the end of support for Windows Server 2003?
Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Evolve and Skyrocket on the Internet
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Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Evolve and Skyrocket on the Internet
Used with the permission of
by Gail Bronson

The accessibility of the Internet has led to a rapid evolution of cyber criminals.

DDoS, distributed denial of service attacks, are growing in size, frequency and complexity at a breath-taking rate. So it's no surprise that this trend has created a growing market for vendors of software products and services that detect and mitigate these kinds of attacks. Industry analysts at IDC expect the global DDoS solutions market to soar to $944.4 million by 2018, well beyond expected global revenues of $657.9 million in 2015.

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