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How can virtualization save your business?
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

Winter is a time when Mother Nature reminds us that even the best laid plans can go wrong. Protect your small or midsized business from the unexpected by implementing virtualization technologies to optimize resources, improve application availability, and reduce downtime.

Virtualization saves. Pooling server, storage, and network resources takes advantage of spare capacity and saves money on space, utility costs, and administrative effort. At the same time, virtualization provides opportunities for failover and load-balancing, resulting in greater application and data availability.

Unfortunately, small and midsized businesses (SMBs) often forgo technology investments that dramatically reduce operational costs and improve IT efficiency because they are perceived to be too complex or expensive. But affordable servers, storage, and networking products with virtualization features are now available to your business.

Through virtualization, SMBs can not only consolidate and optimize resources, but can also
  • reduce downtime by load balancing application availability
  • isolate problem areas
  • add resources at a moment's notice to improve performance and capacity when required
  • reduce costs in software licensing, system management, real estate and utilities

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The state of the cloud: Adoption is rising
used with the permission of
by Laurence Cruz

Survey: Cloud adoption climbs but strategy lags—even as forward-thinking companies recognize both will help them capitalize on upcoming market transitions.

Cloud adoption is on the rise and bringing significant benefits, and IT architects are becoming more sophisticated in how they think about cloud, but as of early 2015 relatively few companies have mature cloud strategies and many have no cloud strategy at all, according to a worldwide survey by tech research firm IDC.

Nearly two-thirds of survey respondents are using or are planning to use some form of cloud—whether for a single project or their portfolio, for test/development environments, or to run mission-critical applications, according to IDC'sCloudView Survey of nearly 3,500 executives from 17 countries. However, only one-quarter of respondents have repeatable, managed or optimized cloud adoption strategies considered "mature," and nearly one-third have no cloud strategy, the survey finds.

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3 Reasons to Make the Switch to EMV Now
used with permission from Microsoft SMB Blog
by Cindy Bates

On October 1, 2015, businesses of all sizes are required to have updated POS terminals and backend software to begin accepting EMV chip cards. If you haven't made the shift by October 1, your business, instead of the credit card company, becomes liable for incidents of credit card fraud.

The year of EMV migration is upon us and for U.S. SMBs that means significant changes when it comes to processing customer payments.

Have no idea what I mean by EMV? You're not alone. You've likely seen the tiny gold design on the front of many credit cards during transactions in recent months, but thought of it as more decorative than deliberate. Short for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, EMV is a payments standard in which the designs — which are actually computer chips — are embedded into credit cards to create a unique impression.

EMV, which was part of an executive order President Obama issued to implement enhanced security measures for consumer finances, makes it near impossible to create fraudulent cards.

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October Newsletter
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How can virtualization save your business?
The state of the cloud: Adoption is rising
3 Reasons to Make the Switch to EMV Now
The top three spreadsheet errors of the decade—so far
Cartoon and Quote


The top three spreadsheet errors of the decade—so far
used with permission from IBM
by Paul Bard

Spreadsheets have been a popular tool for budgeting, forecasting and planning for decades. But spreadsheet errors have been causing serious problems for finance professionals for just as long. One wrong keystroke and poof—major mistakes in even the most carefully crafted budget or forecast can occur.

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Quote of the Month

The common question that gets asked in business is, 'why?' That's a good question, but an equally valid question is, 'why not?'

- Jeff Bezos

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