5 ways you're using the cloud - and didn't know it
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

In 2015, small businesses that moved to the cloud doubled their profits and achieved 25% additional revenue growth compared to their cloudless contemporaries.

Still for many of us, "the cloud" can seem more buzzword than reality: we may have a vague sense of what it means, but don't really understand what it means for our business. Isn't it complicated? Isn't it something only a global enterprise or savvy startup could really hope to harness?

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Andrew Buschbom
GA Division of Investment Services

- on winning last month's Nexus 7. Good luck with your new gadget!

Apple Updates iMac Family with Stunning New Retina Displays
used with permission from Apple

New Wireless Accessories Bring Force Touch to the Desktop

CUPERTINO, California — October 13, 2015 — Apple® today updated the entire iMac® family, bringing a stunning new Retina® 4K display to the 21.5-inch iMac for the first time and the Retina 5K display to every 27-inch iMac. The new Retina displays make photos and videos more immersive and true-to-life thanks to a wider color gamut and spectacular image quality. The updated iMacs also feature more powerful processors and graphics, two Thunderbolt® 2 ports and new storage options that make the high-performance Fusion Drive even more affordable.

Apple today also introduced a new lineup of wireless accessories including the all-new Magic Keyboard™, Magic Mouse® 2 and Magic Trackpad® 2. The Magic devices have been redesigned to feel more comfortable than ever, and feature rechargeable batteries that completely eliminate the need for disposable batteries. The new Magic Trackpad 2 also brings Apple's revolutionary Force Touch interface to the desktop, adding a new dimension to the iMac experience.

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Customizing the Ribbon in Outlook 2013

Did you know you can customize the Ribbon in multiple windows in Outlook? If you want to permanently add or remove options to declutter unused tools or make your workflow more efficient, here's how!

There are two types of tabs by default in Outlook. Main Tabs are the Ribbon items you see while in your Inbox or in Mail view: Home, Send/Receive, Folder, and View.

Tool Tabs are the tabs on the Ribbon for Calendar, Task, Search, Attachment, and Compose windows. For example, when you go to Calendar > New Appointment, the New Appointment window has its own Ribbon with Tool Tabs.

How is the Ribbon organized?

The Ribbon has three layers of organization: There are Tabs, which are the primary tabs across the Ribbon. Tabs contain groups of related commands. Groups contain commands, which you may also think of as tools or buttons. For example, the Home tab on the Mail screen has a New group which contains the New Email and New Items commands.

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Crash course: Computer memory
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

There are dizzying amounts of memory types in modern computer devices, from DDR SDRAM to L3 caches. And for many of us, understanding all the nuances of computer memory is a bit like understanding how the catalytic converter in your car works: It might be nice to know, but you probably don't have the time to become an expert, even if you use one every day.

But just as it's useful to still know the basics about your car, understanding the basics about computer memory can go a long way towards ensuring you get the performance you want—at the price you need. This quick primer will take you through the basic types of computer memory, and what to look for when making your next PC purchase or upgrade.

The big picture: Memory is like desk space
A typical computer has 3 types of memory: Cache memory, Random Access Memory (RAM), and virtual memory. Cache is the fastest and most expensive, RAM is slower and less expensive, and virtual memory is the slowest and least expensive type.

In order to make computers perform quickly while still remaining affordable, modern tablets, desktops, and other devices are made with less of the faster kinds of memory and more of the slower kinds, in a system known as "tiering." Each tier supplies information to the next faster tier. The cache gives data to the Central Processing Unit (CPU), RAM gives data to the cache, and virtual memory to the RAM. Meanwhile, the hard drive stores everything that's not currently in use.

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Apple Updates iMac Family with Stunning New Retina Displays
Customizing the Ribbon in Outlook 2013
Crash course: Computer memory
What Is Spear Phishing?
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What Is Spear Phishing?
used with permission from Norton by Symantec
by Nadia Kovacs

Spear phishing isn't what you do when you're on vacation in Hawaii. It's a targeted attack on your personal information. An updated version of the old trick "phishing," where scam artists simply ask you for your password or other private information, spear phishing takes this trick to the next level, using social engineering. Before you respond to that email asking for you to verify your address or other personal information, read this article to protect yourself against spear phishing.

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